Sunday, 3 April 2016

Pottering About

After moving back to Edinburgh when I graduated, I ended up with a pretty boring job in retail which was so uninspiring and my design work certainly suffered for it. Looking for more motivation and to explore other disciplines beside Textiles - I decided to try my hand at ceramics!

I found myself involved in an evening class as part of Edinburgh Design School and signed my Mum and sister up as well. It's always something I've wanted to try and their beginner classes at St Margaret's House on London Road were perfect for us! They run different classes for all levels, from complete beginners to more experienced potters.

The SQA certified courses teach skills in wheel throwing, slab building, texture and glazing. The photos above hopefully give you an idea of how great their resources are as everything was included in the block payment. She won't be happy but the top image is my Mum - here she is applying a glaze pattern to a bowl she threw before the last firing process.

If you'd like to have a look yourself you can visit their website here. They also have Textile and Printmaking studios!

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