Sunday, 3 April 2016

Rethinking Economics

Along with most other graphics student this time of year, I have just finished submitting an entry for this year’s YCN Student Awards.

"The YCN Student Awards exist to stimulate, elevate and celebrate the freshest creative thinking around the world. Centred on a collection of modern design and communication challenges; the programme is open to students and recent graduates anywhere in the world. We believe that creativity has the potential to effect transformative influence on any commercial, social or organisational challenge."

I chose the brief written by Rethinking Economics. They wanted a way to prove that economics was for everyone and what affect it has on our day-to-day lives. 
To tackle the brief successfully, I only concentrated on one specific term - Supply and Demand.
I needed a way to relate Supply and Demand to the everyday lives of my target audience (students and young adults) so I designed an infographic to describe the Supply and Demand of an iPhone.

It is a double sided ‘pocket guide’ which can be easily downloaded, printed and folded to create this very handy booklet. It can also be replicated using other economic terms for example Inflation or GDP.
I wanted to stick to the Rethinking Economics brand colours of blue and orange, not my usual tone of colours but I think it works really well - especially with the white.
I've included some examples of the finished product to show how it works in print form. I also created cards to show how each unit of Supply and Demand (eg Surplus, Shortage etc) can work individually.
What do you think?! :-)


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