Sunday, 3 April 2016

Arty Monsters!

Another favourite project from this year...

These critters were created for the second stage of the 'Design in Context' brief. We were to take our answers from the quiz and create a product that could be sold in a gallery shop.

We call it 'Create Your Own Arty Monster'!

Our 'monsters' are inspired by designers, movements and typography. On one side of each booklet you will find our designs, and on the reverse we have left them bare for you to decorate yourself.

There is also space for your to create your very own Arty Monster!

Each pack contains 6 booklets all neatly packaged in a folder I designed and includes a selection of miniature coloured pencils.

As an extension to the project, I started making our Arty Monsters in 3D. If I ever get my head around 3D printing I can see these being very similar to something you might find in a Kinder Egg…

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